Hardik Pandya replacing Rohit Sharma: Mumbai Indians lose 400k followers in Social media in an hour

Mumbai Indians lose 400k followers in Social media

Mumbai Indians lose 400k followers in Social media: In a surprising turn of events, the Mumbai Indians, one of the most successful franchises in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL), faced a severe backlash on social media after announcing Hardik Pandya as their new skipper for the upcoming IPL 2024 season. The decision, which involved replacing the highly successful Rohit Sharma as the captain, did not sit well with the team’s hardcore fanbase.

Mumbai Indians lose 400k followers in Social media

The announcement, made on Friday, led to an unprecedented loss of over 400,000 followers on a popular social media platform “X” within just one hour. The fervent reaction from the fans was not limited to digital platforms, as reports surfaced of a disappointed fan going so far as to set his Mumbai Indians jersey on fire in protest.

Hardik Pandya replacing Rohit Sharma

Hardik Pandya, who had previously been with the Mumbai Indians but left ahead of the IPL 2022 season, found success with the Gujarat Titans, winning the IPL title in the team’s inaugural season under his captaincy. His return to the Mumbai Indians was marked by an all-cash deal ahead of the IPL 2024 auction, signaling the team’s trust in him to lead the side.

On the other hand, Rohit Sharma, who had been instrumental in Mumbai Indians’ success with five IPL titles under his captaincy, made a surprising decision to step back from white-ball cricket for a while. This move came after India’s loss in the Cricket World Cup final in November.

Hardik Pandya replacing Rohit Sharma

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The decision to replace Rohit Sharma, a proven leader with a stellar track record, with Hardik Pandya has sparked intense debate among cricket enthusiasts. While some view it as a futuristic move by the Mumbai Indians management, others are critical of the abrupt change in leadership, especially given Rohit Sharma’s success in making the team one of the most dominant forces in the IPL.

The Mumbai Indians, known for their strategic decisions and team-building prowess, will now be closely watched as they navigate the challenges of the upcoming season under the leadership of Hardik Pandya. The social media uproar and the symbolic act of burning jerseys highlight the emotional investment of fans in their favorite teams and players, emphasizing the impact that such decisions can have on the cricketing community.

As the IPL 2024 season approaches, all eyes will be on the Mumbai Indians and their new skipper, Hardik Pandya, as they aim to prove the skeptics wrong and continue their legacy of success in the highly competitive tournament.

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