IPL Auction: Four Cricketer from Assam Selected for IPL 2024 Auction

Four Cricketer from Assam Selected for IPL Auction:

Four Cricketer from Assam Selected for IPL

IPL Auction 2024:

In a thrilling revelation, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has unveiled the final pool of players for the much-anticipated IPL 2024 auction. The initial list of 991 players has been trimmed down to 333, creating an air of anticipation and excitement among cricket enthusiasts. The auction, scheduled to take place in Dubai on December 19 at 2:30 PM, promises to be a riveting event as franchises vie for the best talent to strengthen their squads.

Out of the 333 players shortlisted, 214 are Indian cricketers, and the remaining 119 hail from overseas, including two players from associate nations. The composition of the pool showcases the diverse talent that the cricketing world has to offer, setting the stage for intense bidding wars during the auction.

Four Cricketer from Assam Selected for IPL 2024 Auction

Among the Indian contingent, four promising cricketers from Assam have caught the eye of IPL scouts. These players, namely Akash Sengupta, Sumit Ghadigaonkar, Mukhtar Hussain, and Mrinmoy Dutta, have been included in the auction with a base price of Rs 20 lakh. Their inclusion is not only a testament to their cricketing prowess but also a proud moment for Assam, as it continues to produce talented individuals who can make a mark on the grand stage of the IPL.

Akash Sengupta, a bowling all-rounder, brings a dynamic skill set to the table, while Sumit Ghadigaonkar, a wicketkeeper-batter, adds depth to the roster. The pace battery is strengthened by the inclusion of right-arm fast bowler Mukhtar Hussain and left-arm fast bowler Mrinmoy Dutta, promising talents who could make a significant impact in the upcoming season.

Assam Cricket Association Tweet:

Assam Cricket Association Tweet Confirms Four Cricketer from Assam Selected for IPL 2024 Auction

As the countdown to the auction begins, the excitement is palpable, with a maximum of 77 slots available, including up to 30 for overseas players. The player distribution includes 116 capped players, 215 uncapped players, and two players from associate nations, ensuring a healthy mix of experience and emerging talent.

The financial dynamics of the auction are equally intriguing. With 23 players commanding a base price of Rs 2 crore and another 13 in the Rs 1.5 crore bracket, the bidding wars are expected to be intense as franchises strategically build their squads for the IPL 2024 campaign.

Gujarat Titans emerge as the frontrunners in terms of financial firepower, boasting the highest auction purse of Rs 38.15 crore. On the other end of the spectrum, Lucknow Super Giants will be working with a more modest budget, holding the lowest purse at Rs 13.15 crore.

As cricket enthusiasts gear up for the IPL 2024 auction, all eyes will be on the four talented cricketers from Assam who have earned their place in the pool. Their journey, from the cricket fields of Assam to the glitzy stage of the IPL, is a testament to the talent that regional cricketing hubs continue to nurture and produce. As the bidding war unfolds in Dubai, cricket fans eagerly await the final compositions of the IPL teams, with the hope that these players from Assam will shine bright in the upcoming season.

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