Assam to Bangkok: Guwahati to Bangkok Direct flight begins

Assam to bangkok

Assam to Bangkok: In a significant stride towards enhancing air connectivity, a tri-weekly direct flight between Guwahati and Bangkok was inaugurated on Friday, December 1. The maiden flight, operated by Thai Air Asia, marked a momentous occasion for Guwahati’s Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (LGBI), linking the capital of Assam with the bustling metropolis of Bangkok.

Guwahati to Bangkok Direct flight

The flight service, designated as FD 123 from Guwahati to Bangkok and FD 124 on the return journey, will operate on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, providing travelers with convenient options to explore the vibrant cultures and economic opportunities on both ends.

The inaugural flight, which touched down at LGBI Airport on the crisp December night, carried 56 passengers. Within half an hour, it embarked on its return journey to Bangkok with 97 eager travelers on board, signifying the enthusiasm and demand for this new air route.

As per the schedule, FD 123 will take off from Guwahati at 11:40 PM (IST) and land at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok at 2:25 AM (IST). The return flight, FD 124, will depart from Bangkok at 8:35 PM (IST) and touch down in Guwahati at 11:10 PM (IST).

Utpal Baruah, the chief airport officer of Guwahati, expressed optimism about the impact of this new flight service on the region. “This new flight is expected to go a long way in making Guwahati airport a hub of air connectivity to the South East Asian countries. It would boost the trade and tourism industry in the northeast,” he remarked.

Assam to Bangkok direct flight

The introduction of this direct flight is seen as a strategic move to strengthen economic ties and promote tourism between the Northeast region of India and Southeast Asian countries. With the prospect of increased accessibility, Guwahati aims to position itself as a key player in the air travel network connecting the two regions.

Looking ahead, Thai Air Asia has plans to extend its services to other Southeast Asian destinations, including Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This expansion is anticipated to open up more opportunities for business, trade, and tourism, fostering greater collaboration and understanding between the diverse cultures of these regions.

Guwahati to Singapore direct flight

In addition to the Bangkok route, Guwahati already boasts direct flights to Singapore and Paro, Bhutan, operated by Druk Air. This multi-faceted air connectivity not only facilitates travel for business and leisure but also strengthens Guwahati’s position as an emerging aviation hub in the heart of Northeast India.

As the Guwahati-Bangkok route takes off, it symbolizes more than just a flight; it represents the bridge between regions, cultures, and economies. The tri-weekly service is poised to leave a lasting impact on the economic and cultural landscape of the Northeast, marking a new era of connectivity and collaboration with Southeast Asia.

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