Assam Airplane Restaurant Gets Stuck in Bihar Overbridge

Assam Airplane Restaurant Gets Stuck in Bihar: In a fascinating and unusual turn of events, a one-of-a-kind venture in Assam faced a brief setback during its journey from Mumbai to its destination in the historic Sivasagar district. The extraordinary spectacle unfolded in Bihar’s Motihari, as a meticulously transformed 118-foot-long Air India 320 aircraft, now serving as a family restaurant, got temporarily stuck under an overbridge on Friday.

Assam Airplane Restaurant Gets Stuck in Bihar

According to reports, the aircraft, which was en route to Bhatiapara in Assam, found itself wedged under the Piprakothi bridge in Motihari, causing a significant traffic jam on the national highway-27 in the early hours of the morning. The incident occurred due to a misjudgment by the truck driver, who failed to assess the height of the overbridge in comparison to the consignment being transported.

Assam Airplane Restaurant Gets Stuck in Bihar

A police officer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, stated, “The driver of the vehicle misjudged the underneath height of the overbridge vis-a-vis the height of the consignment being carried on the vehicle, and as a result, it got stuck beneath the overbridge.”

Despite the initial hiccup, the situation was swiftly addressed through collaborative efforts from locals and law enforcement. With the combined expertise of the community and the police, the truck carrying the transformed airplane was safely extricated and continued its journey towards its eagerly awaited destination.

The brainchild behind this unique venture is Hariprasanna Hazarika, a young and innovative businessman hailing from Sivasagar. Hazarika is the proud proprietor of the ‘Wings of Hazarika’ airplane restaurant, which is set to become the first of its kind in Northeast India.

Mumbai to Assam

The airplane, originally purchased for a significant sum, has been reimagined as a family restaurant, offering a distinctive dining experience to patrons in Assam. The journey from Mumbai to Assam involves transporting the massive aircraft on a specially designed truck, accompanied by two additional trucks carrying some of the aircraft’s cargo.

The ‘Wings of Hazarika’ airplane restaurant aims to provide a unique and memorable dining atmosphere, capitalizing on the novelty of its location within the historic Sivasagar district. The incident in Bihar, though momentarily disruptive, highlights the ambitious and extraordinary nature of this venture, capturing the attention of both locals and those following the remarkable journey of this converted Air India 320 aircraft.

As the aircraft restaurant resumes its journey, anticipation continues to build in Assam for the grand opening of ‘Wings of Hazarika,’ an establishment set to redefine the dining experience in the region. The incident in Motihari serves as a testament to the challenges and triumphs encountered when embarking on unconventional projects, further adding to the allure of this unique endeavor in the heart of Northeast India.

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