21st Tezpur University Convocation: Rajnath Singh attends as Chief Guest

21st Tezpur University Convocation

21st Tezpur University Convocation: Tezpur University, known for its commitment to academic excellence, recently celebrated its 21st convocation with great fervor. The distinguished chief guest for this milestone event was none other than the Defense Minister of India, Rajnath Singh. His presence added an air of prestige to the ceremony, reflecting the government’s recognition of the importance of education and research in the country.

21st Tezpur University Convocation:

The convocation kicked off with an inspiring inaugural address by Vice-Chancellor Shambhu Nath Singh. His words set the tone for the significant academic gathering, emphasizing the university’s dedication to shaping well-rounded individuals ready to contribute to society.

Rajnath Singh attends as Chief Guest

In his address, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh extended heartfelt congratulations to everyone present, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the faculty. He took a moment to urge the graduating students to cherish the values instilled during their academic journey, emphasizing the role of character in shaping one’s life. Drawing inspiration from the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Singh highlighted the importance of integrity and ethical conduct in every aspect of life.

One of the key themes of Singh’s address was innovation. He passionately advocated for the fostering of innovation, citing India’s ongoing efforts to achieve self-reliance through imposed restrictions. Singh stated, “Our government is developing a strong base of the domestic defense industrial ecosystem to make India a strategic economy.” This commitment aligns with the broader vision of promoting indigenous manufacturing and reducing dependency on foreign imports.

Singh also provided insights into the Ministry of Defence’s initiatives, emphasizing a significant shift in the import-export dynamics. For the first time, the import of arms has decreased, while exports have seen a rise. He revealed, “We issued at least five positive indigenization lists, under which 509 defense equipment have been identified for indigenous manufacturing.” This move aims to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities while boosting the local economy.

Additionally, the Defense Minister shared that the government has issued four positive indigenization lists for Defence Public Sector Undertakings, identifying 4,666 items for domestic manufacturing. This step aligns with the broader vision of promoting ‘Make in India’ in the defense sector, ensuring self-sufficiency and job creation.

Tezpur University 21st Convocation

In a noteworthy announcement, Vice-Chancellor Shambhunath Singh revealed plans for Tezpur University to establish the Lachit Barphukan Defense Study Center. This initiative aims to further enhance the university’s contributions to defense studies and research. The Defense Minister expressed his full support and cooperation for the establishment of this center, highlighting the government’s commitment to fostering academic excellence in strategic areas.

The convocation at Tezpur University, graced by the presence of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, not only celebrated the academic achievements of the graduating students but also showcased the government’s commitment to building a self-reliant and strategically strong nation. The establishment of the Defense Study Center reflects the university’s dedication to advancing knowledge in critical areas, contributing to the nation’s defense capabilities and fostering a culture of innovation and indigenization.

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