Tinsukia featured in latest movie Salaar: but people unhappy for it’s wrong portrayal

Tinsukia featured in latest movie Salaar

Tinsukia featured in latest movie Salaar: In the latest cinematic venture featuring Prabhas, titled “Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire,” the mention of Tinsukia has become a focal point of discussion among viewers in the northeastern region of the nation. The film, which has captured the curiosity and excitement of audiences, takes an unexpected turn as it inaccurately portrays the vibrant commercial town of Tinsukia in Assam.

Tinsukia featured in latest movie Salaar

The specific scene that has stirred controversy involves one of the movie’s characters, Aadhya, an American resident who embarks on a journey to India to immerse herself in her mother’s ashes. In a gripping sequence, Aadhya finds herself pursued by a gang of thugs, only to be rescued by a mysterious savior. The rescuer then brings her to a supposed Tinsukia school, where Amma, portrayed by Easwari Rao, takes charge of the situation.

However, the portrayal of Tinsukia as a remote mining town near the Burmese border, housing Telugu-speaking immigrants and a nearby coal mine, has left many moviegoers dissatisfied. The primary point of contention lies in the depiction of Tinsukia as a village rather than the bustling town that it is in reality.

Tinsukia Assam: Wrong Portrayal in Salaar

Tinsukia, known for its commercial significance in Assam, is a thriving urban center that plays a vital role in the economic landscape of the region. The inaccurate portrayal of the town as a remote village has sparked criticism from the local audience, who feel that the film fails to capture the essence of Tinsukia’s dynamic and diverse community.

The dissatisfaction among viewers has been further fueled by the fact that Tinsukia’s character in the movie deviates significantly from its real-world identity. The town’s unique blend of cultures, its historical significance, and its status as a commercial hub have been overshadowed by a portrayal that paints it as a nondescript village near the border.

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