Rongatapu 1982 Gains Popularity After Release, Earns 38 Lakhs in 3 Days

Rongatapu 1982

In the state of Assam, the film ‘Rongatapu 1982,’ Directed by Adityam Saikia based on a gripping black chapter in the 1980s, has captured the audience’s attention post-release. On its first day, the movie has successfully earned 8.5 lakhs at the box office. This film, constructed around a poignant story from the turbulent 1980s in Assam, is gaining traction for its portrayal of a dark chapter in the state’s history.

Rongatapu 1982 movie story

Set against the backdrop of a colossal Brahmaputra river, ‘Rongatapu 1982′ unfolds a narrative rooted in the illegal activities of a certain group during the 1980s. The film sheds light on their attempts to settle and reside in Assam, leading to various violent clashes and upheavals in pursuit of control over fertile agricultural land and riverbanks. The narrative, told through the lens of a compelling storyline, has resonated with audiences, earning accolades for the actors’ performances and the film’s storytelling.

Rongatapu 1982 Assamese movie

It’s noteworthy that ‘Rongatapu’ metaphorically represents the tiny boat navigating the vast expanse of the Brahmaputra. In the 1980s, Assam witnessed the rise of illegal immigrants, causing turmoil and instigating violent actions to grab hold of the state’s fertile agricultural lands and riverbanks. The consequences of these actions led to the creation of ‘Rongatapu 1982.’

Rongatapu 1982 Collection:

Following its release, the film has not only garnered substantial earnings on its opening day but has also witnessed an increase in the number of viewers. Audiences have praised the film for its engaging narrative and the compelling performances of the cast.

The Film collects 38 lakhs in 3days.

Rongatapu 1982 Trailer:

Moreover, the trailer of the film, designed to pique the curiosity of the audience, has generated widespread excitement on social media platforms. Produced by B and C Productions, directed by Adityam Saikia, with cinematography by Arun Kumar Ray and Ajay Kumar Ray, the film’s artistic direction is led by Dhanjit Das. Krishna Shah handles the cinematography, while Amrit Pritam and Sukumar lend their voices to the soulful music.

Rongatapu 1982 Cast:

Director: Adityam Saikia

The film stars a talented ensemble cast, including Aimee Baruah, Gunjan Bharadwaj, Rimpi Das, Vivek Barua, Kalpana Kalita, Bhagirathi, Hemanta Debnath, Alismita, and others, contributing to a riveting cinematic experience.

‘Rongatapu 1982’ serves as a poignant reminder of the struggles and conflicts that shaped the lives of the people of Assam during a tumultuous period. As audiences continue to flock to theaters, the film’s impact on both cinema and society remains significant.”

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