Ola Offers Massive Rs20000 Discount on Ola S1 X Electric Scooter: Here’s What You Need to Know

Ola S1 X

Ola S1 X: In a bid to delight its customers on the eve of the new year, Ola electric has announced a substantial discount of Rs20000 on its recently launched electric scooter, the Ola S1 X. The scooter, which originally had a showroom price of ₹1,09,999, is now available at an attractive ₹89,999, making it a lucrative deal for prospective buyers.

What’s Included with Ola S1 X

Apart from the significant price reduction, Ola has sweetened the deal with additional benefits. The company has introduced an EMI plan for the Ola S1 X, providing buyers with a substantial discount of 5000 when purchasing through a credit card. Moreover, customers will enjoy zero processing fees and zero down payment at the time of purchase, offering a comprehensive and attractive package.

Ola S1 X Features and Specifications

The Ola S1 X comes equipped with a powerful 6000-watt motor supporting a 3kWh battery. This electric scooter boasts a charging time of 7.4 hours, providing a range of up to 95 km on a single charge. In eco mode, the scooter can cover an impressive distance of 125 km. The 3kWh battery is paired with a 6kW electric motor, ensuring a seamless and efficient riding experience.

Availing the Ola S1 X Offer

To take advantage of this offer, interested buyers can visit their nearest Ola showroom or explore the Ola website. The discounted prices and special financing options are set to commence after December 15th.

Ola S1 X Offer

Ola’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Ola has gone a step further by assuring customers that any issues with the bike, be it related to the battery or design, will be rectified at the lowest possible cost. This commitment reflects Ola’s dedication to providing not only affordable but also reliable electric scooters.

Feature-Rich Ola S1

The Ola S1 X isn’t just about a discounted price; it also comes loaded with features. From Bluetooth connectivity and odometer to keyless ignition and fast charging, the scooter offers a range of conveniences. Additional features include a digital clock, speedometer, and three-year battery warranty covering up to 40,000 km.

Ola S1 X Connectivity

Embracing modern technology, the Ola S1 X comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The mobile application associated with the scooter provides various features like geo-fencing, charging station locator, calls, messaging, and navigation assistance. Users will also receive alerts for low battery levels.

Ola S1 X Connectivity

In conclusion, Ola’s announcement of a Rs20000 discount on the S1 X electric scooter presents an exciting opportunity for eco-conscious consumers. With its feature-rich design, efficient battery, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the Ola S1 X stands out as a compelling choice in the electric scooter market. Interested buyers are encouraged to act quickly, as this limited-time offer is scheduled to kick off after December 15th.

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