Assam Government Announces Kaji Nemu as State Fruit of Assam

Kaji Nemu as State Fruit of Assam

Kaji Nemu as State Fruit of Assam: In a move aimed at celebrating and promoting the rich agricultural heritage of Assam, the state government has declared the GI-tagged Kaji Nemu (Citrus Limon) as the official “State Fruit” of Assam. This decision was formally announced by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Tuesday, February 13.

Assam Government Announces Kaji Nemu as State Fruit of Assam

“Our Government has decided to declare Kaji Nemu (Citrus Limon) as the State Fruit of Assam. With its unique aroma & antioxidant properties, Assam lemon has enriched our local cuisines,” CM Sarma shared on social media.

The Kaji Nemu, renowned for its distinct aroma and flavor, holds a significant place in Assamese culinary traditions. Its inclusion as the State Fruit not only acknowledges its cultural importance but also aims to bolster its recognition on a global scale.

“With today‚Äôs announcement, it is set to shine on the global fruit map, boosting self-dependency & production,” CM Sarma added, highlighting the potential economic benefits associated with the enhanced recognition of the fruit.

Kaji Nemu GI Tag

Kaji Nemu GI Tag

The geographical indication (GI) tag adds another layer of authenticity and prestige to the Kaji Nemu, signifying its unique qualities and origin tied to the specific region of Assam. This recognition safeguards the interests of local farmers and ensures the preservation of traditional agricultural practices.

The decision to designate Kaji Nemu as the State Fruit underscores the government’s commitment to promoting indigenous produce and fostering sustainable agricultural practices. It also aligns with broader efforts to strengthen the state’s economy by leveraging its rich natural resources.

The announcement has been met with enthusiasm from various quarters, with stakeholders hailing it as a significant step towards showcasing Assam’s agricultural prowess on a global platform. It is expected that the recognition of Kaji Nemu as the State Fruit will not only stimulate local production but also create avenues for export, thereby contributing to the overall socio-economic development of the region.

As Assam Lemon takes its place on the global fruit map, it serves as a testament to the state’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. With continued support and strategic initiatives, it is poised to emerge as a symbol of pride for the people of Assam while carving a niche for itself in the international market.

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