Guwahati Pin Code : All 39 Pin codes of the city

Guwahati Pin Code : Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, has a total of 39 unique PIN codes. These PIN codes serve as a six-digit identification system employed by the Indian postal service to designate specific post offices and their corresponding delivery areas. Each PIN code consists of three parts: the initial three digits indicate the state or union territory, followed by three digits representing the district, and finally, the last two digits indicate the particular post office.

Guwahati Pin Code

All of the PIN codes associated with Guwahati share a common prefix, which is 781. This initial three-digit sequence signifies the district of Kamrup Metropolitan, the location where Guwahati is situated. The subsequent three digits in each PIN code designate the specific post office, while the final two digits narrow down the delivery area within Guwahati.

Guwahati pin code

The PIN codes are divided into two categories:

  • Head Post Office (HPO) PIN codes: These are the PIN codes of the main post offices in Guwahati. The HPO PIN code for Guwahati is 781001.
  • Sub Post Office (SPO) PIN codes: These are the PIN codes of the sub post offices in Guwahati. The SPO PIN codes range from 781002 to 781039.

Here is a table of Pin Codes of Guwahati :

PIN CodeArea
781001Guwahati HPO
781003Fancy Bazar
781005Guwahati Railway Station
781010Uzan Bazar
781011Basistha Chariali
781014Fancy Bazar (GPO)
781015Ganeshguri (GPO)
781016Khanapara (GPO)
781017Panjabari (GPO)
781018Rajgarh (GPO)
781019Sonapur (GPO)
781020Uzan Bazar (GPO)
781021Basistha Chariali (GPO)
781022Chandmari (GPO)
781023Dispur (GPO)
781024Guwahati Airport
781026LGBI Airport
781028Panjabari (Sub Post Office)
781029Rajgarh (Sub Post Office)
781030Sonapur (Sub Post Office)
781031Uzan Bazar (Sub Post Office)
781032Basistha Chariali (Sub Post Office)
781033Chandmari (Sub Post Office)
781034Dispur (Sub Post Office)

Guwahati pin code : The PIN codes of Guwahati can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sending and receiving mail, tracking packages, and verifying addresses. If you are unsure of the PIN code for a particular area in Guwahati, you can contact the nearest post office for assistance.

Here are some additional information about PIN codes:

  • PIN codes were initially implemented in India back in 1972 as a means of postal identification.
  • India Post, the country’s national postal service, is responsible for managing the PIN code system.
  • PIN codes are used to identify post offices and their delivery areas.
  • PIN codes are six digits long.
  • The first three digits of the PIN code represent the state or union territory.
  • The next three digits represent the district.
  • Finally, the last two digits serve to identify the particular post office

What is Guwahati pin code ? Answer : 781001 .

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