Assam’s Nayanjyoti Saikia Wins MasterChef India 2023, Credits Vikas Khanna for Discovery

Fig: Nayanjyoti Saikia holding Master Chef Trophy

Masterchef india 2023 winner: On Friday, the MasterChef India competition came to a thrilling conclusion as Nayanjyoti Saikia emerged victorious, beating out Santa Sarmah and Suvarna Bagul who took the first and second runner up positions, respectively. The finale was judged by esteemed culinary experts Vikas Khanna, Garima Arora, and Ranveer Brar, with celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor making a special appearance. For Nayanjyoti, who hails from Tinsukia, the victory was nothing short of a dream come true. “I never thought I would survive the competition for so long,” he admitted to. “I thought I would just cook on the audition day, then I got selected and got the apron. And then before I realized it, I was in the final.”

Interestingly, Nayanjyoti’s father had initially been unsupportive of his son’s decision to pursue a career in the culinary arts. However, seeing his son’s potential, he eventually came around. “When Chef Vikas Khanna had come to my house to select me for MasterChef, my father felt, for the first time, that I could have a career in food,” Nayanjyoti revealed. “Although I am closer to my mother, so I would give her all updates and didn’t speak much with him. But I learned that he had bought crackers and kept them hidden in his room. When my mother informed him that I won, he went out and burst them to celebrate. I think that somewhere he believed that I could win and today, he is the happiest.” In addition to his well-deserved victory, Nayanjyoti also received a chef coat, a trophy, and a cash prize of Rs 25 lakh.

MasterChef India 2023

Reflecting on his win, Mr. Saikia expressed his disbelief, saying, “I had a simple dream of going to MasterChef India and cooking, but now it feels like all my life goals are complete. It’s surreal to not only have made it to MasterChef but to have won the intense food competition.” The finalists competed in a “signature three-course meal challenge,” with Mr. Saikia ultimately taking home the trophy.

Team Assam Story congratulations to the MasterChef India champion!

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