Assam: 12 Unknown Facts About This Fascinating State in Northeast India

1. Assam state in northeast India is, bordered by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh to the north, Nagaland and Manipur to the east, Meghalaya to the south, and West Bengal and Bangladesh to the west.

Fig: Map of Assam State

2. It is the largest tea-growing region in India and produces more than half of India’s tea.

Fig: Tea Gardens of Assam State

3. The state is home to the world’s largest river island, Majuli, which is located on the Brahmaputra River.

Fig: View of Majuli

4. The state has a humid subtropical climate, with heavy rainfall during the monsoon season.

Fig: Assam State during summer days

5. Assam is also known for its silk industry, with the state producing a variety of silk fabrics, including Muga, Eri, and Pat silk. The silk industry provides employment to thousands of people in the state.

Fig: Muga Silk

6. Assamese cuisine is known for its unique flavors and use of local ingredients. Some popular Assamese dishes include fish curry, bamboo shoot pickle, and pitha (a type of rice cake).

Fig: Bamboo Shoot Pickle

7. Assam is known for its traditional dance forms, including the Bihu, Bagurumba, and Sattriya.

Fig: Sattriya Dance

8. Assam has a diverse population, with over 200 ethnic groups and sub-groups, including the Bodo, Mishing, Karbi, and Assamese.

Fig: Bodo Tribe

9. The state has a long history of invasions and conflicts, with several battles fought during the Ahom Dynasty (1228-1826) against Mughals and other invaders.

Fig: Talatal Ghar

10. Assam is home to several important festivals, including Bihu, Ambubachi Mela, and Durga Puja.

Fig: Ambubachi Mela

11. Assamese is the official language of the state, but several other languages are also spoken, including Bengali, Bodo, and Hindi.

Fig: Assamese Letters

12.The state has a rich literary tradition, with notable writers like Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya, and Hiren Bhattacharya.

Fig: Hiren Bhattacharyya

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