Assam Police SOP for Picnic

Assam Police SOP for Picnic: The Assam Police on Wednesday (January 3) issued a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for vehicular movement of Picnic Parties.

Assam Police SOP for Picnic:

1. It is to be ensured that there is no overcrowding in the picnic going vehicles.

2. No trading of illicit liquor to be allowed in or around the picnic spots.

3. Drivers of the vehicles are not to be allowed to consume any intoxicant before driving.

4. No loud music on the vehicles to be allowed.

5. The local Police is to conduct continuous raids on the dhabas where illicit liquors are sold.

6. There should not be any movement of picnic parties before sunrise and after sunset.

7. The local Police station should be informed of the origin and destination of travel.

8. The local Police should have one surveillance group, if required in assistance with VDPs in every picnic spot which will help to detect any illicit or illegal activity in or around picnic spots.

9. Sufficient lighting facilities should be provided in and around the vulnerable picnic spots.

10. Sufficient parking area should be earmarked in every picnic spot.

11. The bus drivers responsible for transportation of picnic parties should be properly briefed and should be in proper footwear.

12. Picnic parties should ensure that no movement takes place during fog.

“The above points are suggestive in nature and not exhaustive. The district Police in assistance with DTO and other enforcement agencies should ensure that no accident takes place and valuable human life is lost,” it added.

Assam Police SOP for Picnic Download:

Assam Police SOP for Picnic

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