Spectacular Box Office Success: Assamese Movie Sri Raghupati collection mints an astounding ₹15Crore

Sri Raghupati Collection

Sri Raghupati Collection

The Assamese masterpiece, “Sri Raghupati,” helmed by the talented director Suvrata Kakoti, has set the box office ablaze, generating a whirlwind of excitement. Surpassing all expectations, the film has garnered a staggering collection of ₹15 crore, leaving audiences and critics alike astonished and captivated.

Wednesday’s earnings were -57 lakh


Monday 17 lakh, Tuesday 38.8 lakh, Wednesday 41.7 lakh, Thursday 43 lakh, Friday 44.5 lakh, Saturday 65 lakh, Sunday 80.5 lakh, Monday 56 lakh, Tuesday 58 lakh, Wednesday 57 lakh

Sri Raghupati weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of action and drama, enveloping the audience in its spellbinding twists and turns. The film’s captivating narrative has effortlessly gripped viewers, keeping them immersed throughout. The exceptional performances by the talented cast, including Ravi Sharma, Preety Kongana, and Priyam Pallavi, coupled with the masterful direction of the acclaimed filmmaker, have propelled Sri Raghupati to soaring heights of success. Its resounding triumph stands as a testament to the brilliance and artistry that unfolds on screen.

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