Ram Mandir Prasad Online: The Truth Behind Free Distribution

Ram Mandir Prasad Online

Ram Mandir Prasad Online: In recent days, social media has been buzzing with discussions about KHADI ORGANIC, a website claiming to deliver the prasad (religious offering) from the recently consecrated Ram Mandir directly to your doorstep. The founder, Ashish, a professor at NorthEastern University, asserts that this initiative, named “Free Ram Mandir Parsad,” is a social mission to bring the prasad to the devotees of Lord Ram. However, it’s crucial to note that this prasad is not associated with the official Ram Mandir Trust but is rather undertaken by Ashish and his team.

Ram Mandir Prasad Online: Will You Really Receive it at Home for Free?

As the news circulates on social media about the free distribution of Ram Mandir Parsad, skepticism arises. The official Ram Mandir Trust has not made any official announcements regarding the distribution of prasad through external platforms. According to Khadi Organic’s About page, they clarify that no agreement or understanding has been reached with the Ram Mandir Trust for the distribution of prasad.

Be Cautious: Ram Mandir Parsad Scams Abound!

In a tweet, Vinod Bansal warns, “Whether it’s VIP darshan or home-delivered prasad, numerous advertisements are misleading Ram devotees, attempting to deceive them. Similar misleading ads are also seen on websites like Amazon! Society must stay vigilant. ShriRamTeerth has not authorized anyone for such activities. Do not fall into these traps. These websites should promptly remove false advertisements; otherwise, legal action will be inevitable.”

How to Obtain Ram Mandir Parsad: Separating Fact from Fiction

To acquire the Ram Mandir Parsad from Khadi Organic, individuals are instructed to register on their website, khadiorganic.com. However, it’s crucial to note that this initiative is not endorsed by the Ram Mandir Trust, and devotees are advised to exercise caution.

Khadi Organic’s Statement on Free Ram Mandir Parsad

Khadi Organic acknowledges the challenges in distributing the prasad and mentions on their official website’s home page that due to unforeseen reasons, prasad distribution is currently not feasible. The company has taken some criticism for charging delivery fees in the name of prasad and has subsequently removed the option for prasad delivery altogether. Khadi Organic assures users that if they have booked prasad with delivery charges, the money will be promptly refunded.

Ram Mandir Prasad

Conclusion: Exercise Caution Amidst the Buzz

In conclusion, the article urges readers to exercise caution when encountering advertisements or claims of free Ram Mandir Parsad distribution. The official channels associated with the Ram Mandir Trust have not endorsed any such initiatives. As the situation unfolds, it is essential to stay informed and verify information from reliable sources before participating in any such schemes.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on publicly available information and aims to provide an overview of the current discussions surrounding the distribution of Ram Mandir Parsad. Readers are advised to verify information from official sources before taking any actions based on the content of this article.

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