Raj Kundra Viral Video: Raj Kundra went viral!

Raj Kundra Viral Video

Raj Kundra Viral Video: Raj Kundra, who is the husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, often remains in the headlines for his professional and personal life. Just last year, Raj Kundra was arrested for making a porn film, due to which he has been in the headlines before.

Last year, Raj Kundra had to stay in jail for 2 months on charges of making a porn film and only after that he got bail from jail. Only after which he stayed away from the world of media.

Raj Kundra Viral Video

However, he has recently resurfaced on social media due to an old video of him going viral at an unprecedented pace.

Old Raj Kundra Viral Video

In this viral video, Raj Kundra can be heard talking about a rather unusual party scenario. He mentions going to a party with his sister-in-law, Shilpa Shetty, after Shilpa fell asleep. The video has raised eyebrows and caused quite a stir on social media.

Upon hearing this revelation, social media has been abuzz with trolls and criticism targeting Raj Kundra. The video’s contents have led to a frenzy of online discussions and debates, with many expressing their disapproval.

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Old Raj Kundra Viral Video

It’s important to note that this viral video dates back to 2016 when Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty, and her sister Shamita Shetty appeared on “The Kapil Sharma Show.” During their appearance, the trio shared numerous personal and professional anecdotes, creating a light-hearted and entertaining atmosphere on the show.

Viral Video:

Raj Kundra Viral Video Download Link

The current viral video has found a new life on the Instagram platform, shared by the laughterclubdelhi page. The video has sparked widespread trolling and mocking of Raj Kundra on various social media platforms.

Raj kundra viral video Youtube

Raj Kundra’s life took a challenging turn last year when he faced allegations related to the production of adult content. This incident led to significant difficulties in his professional life, affecting all his businesses.

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