Nilachal Flyover in Guwahati Faces Nighttime Nuisances and Challenges

Nilachal Flyover in Guwahati

The newly inaugurated Nilachal Flyover in Guwahati has become a source of concern for residents due to late-night disturbances. People have been engaging in disruptive activities, including stopping their cars to take selfies, using it as a platform for car stunts, and even urinating in public. These actions have left the community frustrated and dissatisfied.

One passerby expressed their disappointment, emphasizing that the flyover is meant for the public’s benefit and should be treated with respect. Reckless driving by some youngsters has led to accidents, tarnishing the reputation of the entire society.

A video circulated on social media depicting three individuals recklessly riding a motorcycle on the Nilachal flyover, and this occurred well past midnight. To address these issues, traffic officials have deployed patrol vehicles to monitor activities on the flyover. They have also imposed fines on those who leave their cars parked there. However, due to limited manpower, their services are only available until midnight, making it challenging to manage disturbances during the late hours.

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