Hero Splendor Electric Bike: Launch Date and Pricing

Hero Splendor Electric

Hero Splendor Electric Bike: The electric vehicle market in India is experiencing a surge in popularity, with companies rapidly entering the electric segment. Electric two-wheelers, in particular, are witnessing high demand, prompting continuous innovation and new product launches.

Hero Splendor Electric Bike

In this dynamic landscape, Hero Motocop, the largest two-wheeler company in India, is making significant strides. Known for its widespread success with petrol and diesel vehicles, the company has transitioned into the electric vehicle sector. After the positive response to its electric scooters in the Indian market, Hero is now contemplating the introduction of the electric version of its iconic Splendor bike.

Hero Splendor Electric price

The Hero Splendor holds a special place as one of Hero Motors’ oldest and most popular models, having been a part of the Indian market for several decades. Given the tremendous success of its petrol version, there is a palpable anticipation that the company might introduce an electric variant soon.

Hero Splendor Electric launch Date:

Adding to the excitement, Hero Motocop recently unveiled its electric two-wheeler brand, VIDA. This development has sparked speculation that the electric version of the Splendor could also make its debut under this brand.

However, it’s crucial to note that as of now, there is no official information regarding the launch of the Splendor electric bike.

An intriguing development comes from artist Vinay Raj Somashekar, who has created an electric render of the Hero Splendor. This imaginative depiction has generated considerable interest and demand for an actual electric version of the iconic bike. The question remains: is Hero Motors genuinely considering the development of an electric version?

Reports circulating suggest that the electric bike might be launched in different variants, with ongoing discussions regarding variations in range, battery pack capacity, and pricing strategies.

Hero Splendor Electric Design :

In terms of design, the electric render by Vinay Raj Somashekar predominantly incorporates parts from the petrol version of the Splendor. The traditional engine has been replaced with a robust battery pack, highlighted in sleek black. Notably, the gearbox has been eliminated, and a distinctive blue color scheme has been introduced to emphasize its electric identity.

Hero Splendor Electric Bike Specification

Hero Splendor Electric Bike Specification :

Expected specifications of the Hero Splendor Electric Bike include a powerful 9 kWh battery, accompanied by an additional 2 kWh emergency battery pack for unforeseen situations. Another notable transformation is the replacement of the petrol tank with a modern charging port, aligning with the evolving trend towards electric charging infrastructure.

Splendor Electric Range :

The range of the electric bike is expected to vary across different variants, with an estimated range of 120 to 180 km per charge, catering to diverse consumer needs and preferences.

Hero Splendor Electric Price:

Regarding the price, the render model’s cost has not been disclosed by Vinay Raj, leaving room for speculation and eager anticipation. If Hero Motors aims to position it at a comparable price point to its petrol version, the anticipated price could range from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs.

While the render of the Splendor electric bike has been unveiled, there is no official announcement regarding its launch date. Enthusiasts and prospective buyers are eagerly awaiting further updates, hopeful that Hero Motocop will soon initiate concrete steps towards the development and launch of the highly anticipated Hero Splendor Electric Bike.

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