Bihu at Times Square: Papon lit up New York Times Square with his mesmerising Bihu song

Bihu at Times Square

Bihu at Times Square: On a bustling day in the heart of New York City, the world-famous Times Square experienced a touch of Assamese cultural magic when Papon, the versatile Indian singer and songwriter, brought the spirit of Bihu to the iconic location. Fans and passersby were captivated by Papon’s mesmerizing Afro-Bihu fusion, creating a moment in time that won’t be forgotten. This fusion, part of the song “Ibaasi,” marks a groundbreaking musical journey that blends traditional Bihu rhythms with Afro influences in a way that has never been heard before.

A Fusion of Cultures in Times Square

Papon‘s performance in Times Square was a celebration of cultural diversity and a testament to the power of music to transcend borders. The energetic and vibrant display of Bihu dance and music offered a taste of Assam’s rich cultural heritage to an international audience. It was a fusion of cultures, a bridge connecting the traditions of Assam with the bustling streets of New York City.

Watch the Video: Bihu at Time Square

The Birth of #iBaasi: Afro-Bihu Fusion

The highlight of this performance was the Afro-Bihu fusion track, “Ibaasi,” created by Papon and Niniola. This fusion has created a new sound that’s a true genre-breaker. It merges the lively and traditional Bihu beats with the rhythmic and soulful sounds of Afro music. The result is a musical experience that resonates with both fans of Bihu and those new to its charm.

A Musical Journey Beyond Boundaries

Papon shared a video of the Bihu performance on his social media, spreading the magic of this cultural exchange to his followers. The video captured a unique moment when the heart of New York City embraced the soul of Assam. It was a reminder of the universal language of music, one that can bring together people from diverse backgrounds, transcending language, and cultural barriers.

Papon’s Versatility: “Ab Rukna Mat”

Before gracing Times Square with his Bihu performance, Papon released his first Hindi single in over a decade, “Ab Rukna Mat.” This track is a throwback to the indie genre of the past, maintaining a beautiful, light, and easygoing melody. Papon, known for his versatility, wrote, produced, and composed the song himself, with lyrics penned by his close friend, Manoj Chaudhry.

A Narrative of Love and Trust

“Ab Rukna Mat” tells the story of a person encouraging their significant other to keep exploring their connection, to take a leap into the unknown, free from fear, and to trust the universe. It’s a song about surrendering to the flow of love and allowing things to happen naturally. The vocals seamlessly blend with the instrumentals, creating a classic Papon track that resonates with fans who appreciate his unique blend of emotion and melody.

The Power of Music in Times Square

Papon’s performance in Times Square, combined with the launch of “Ibaasi,” underscores the transcendent power of music. It serves as a reminder that music is a bridge that unites people, connecting diverse cultures and backgrounds. The fusion of Afro and Bihu rhythms represents the global nature of music and its ability to create harmony across borders.

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