Assam’s Agripreneur Kaushik Baruah: Cultivating Success on the Global Stage

Kaushik Baruah

Today marks the remarkable journey of Kaushik Baruah, a spirited individual hailing from the serene landscapes of Sivasagar, Assam. After completing his engineering studies, Kaushik embarked on a quest to explore beyond the conventional job opportunities, choosing to carve his own path and navigate the uncharted territories of entrepreneurship.

Success Story of Kaushik Baruah

In his pursuit, Kaushik found inspiration in the idea of not only consuming foreign goods but also contributing to the global market with products from his homeland. Despite facing challenges in obtaining information about international trade on the internet, he persisted and gathered insights into the markets of Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Upon discovering the potential in agricultural products, Kaushik observed that Assam, with its diverse agricultural landscape and abundant produce, could play a pivotal role in global trade. Motivated by this realization, he set out to establish connections with foreign markets and individuals involved in international trade.

One significant encounter led Kaushik to Mr. Khurshidul, a businessperson based in Dubai’s Al Aweer market. Despite being Kaushik’s first venture into exporting consignments, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. Issues like inadequate knowledge of packaging standards resulted in rejected consignments, leading to financial setbacks. However, Kaushik learned valuable lessons from these experiences.

Armed with newfound knowledge, Kaushik has evolved into a successful entrepreneur today, producing and exporting a variety of fruits and vegetables grown through sustainable practices. The attached photos showcase some of the products he exports.

Reflecting on his current business, Kaushik shares that his enterprise has achieved a turnover of 7.5 crores in the past year alone. With an ambitious target of 14 crores by the end of the upcoming year, Kaushik’s dedication and hard work have borne fruit.

Assam Gaurav award for Kaushik Baruah

Assam Gaurav award for Kaushik Baruah

Kaushik’s success story extends beyond monetary gains; it has positively impacted the lives of his numerous employees and the local community. His commitment to quality and ethical practices has earned him recognition, including the ‘Assam Gaurav’ award by the Chief Minister in 2021.

In conclusion, Kaushik Baruah’s journey is a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship, resilience, and the potential for local businesses to thrive on the global stage. As we celebrate Kaushik’s victories, we also anticipate the positive impact his success will have on the agricultural community, fostering growth and prosperity for all.

May Kaushik’s journey continue to inspire and remain uninterrupted by challenges, contributing to the prosperity of our local farmers.

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