Assam Triumphs Globally: Jorhat tea wins Gold at prestigious UK tea award

Assam Tea: It is time for a celebration because Assam tea wins a gold medal at an international tea event, beating 320 teas from around the world

Jorhat tea wins Gold

Rujani Tea, the online brand of Aideobarie Tea Estate in Jorhat, achieved the extraordinary feat of winning Gold at The Leafies 2023 – International Tea Academy Awards, an event hosted by the UK Tea Academy. This prestigious recognition came after surpassing 320 teas from various corners of the globe, illuminating the path for specialty teas from Assam.

The Leafies Awards ceremony unfolded on October 26th at the Asia House in London, providing an international platform to celebrate the world’s finest loose-leaf teas and to connect primary tea producers with a global audience of tea connoisseurs.

Rujani Tea’s Golden Triumph

Rujani Tea’s victory at The Leafies 2023 was a celebration of the exceptional quality and craftsmanship exhibited by the team at Aideobarie Tea Estate. The winning tea, “Tippy Reserve,” was adorned with a lustrous abundance of golden tips (buds), which added an exquisite character and flavor to the brew. Jane Pettigrew, Director of Studies at the UK Tea Academy and a distinguished judge at The Leafies, shared her admiration for the winning tea, stating, “Their very special Assam with lots of golden tips (the buds) was amazing – that’s why it won gold.”

Assam tea

A Global Stage for Excellence

The Leafies Awards spotlighted ten tea gardens from diverse tea-producing regions worldwide, all of whom claimed the coveted Gold honors. Among the distinguished winners was Glenburn Fine Tea from Darjeeling, whose “Darjeeling Moonshine” tea left an indelible mark, and another Glenburn creation, a “Masala Chai,” secured recognition in the highly commended category.

India, often hailed as the birthplace of tea, saw five gardens featured in the highly commended category. These included Turzum from Darjeeling, part of Jay Shree Tea; Nahorhabi in Assam, also belonging to Jay Shree Tea; Mansimble Tea & Estate in Kangra; Tea Studio, a tea factory in Nilgiri; and Doke Tea in Bihar.

The Quest for Exceptional Flavor Profiles

The essence of The Leafies Awards, as described by Jane Pettigrew, is to uncover teas with exceptional flavor profiles, teas that make consumers truly appreciate the nuances and delights of high-quality tea. The judging process is meticulous, focusing on the dry leaf, the wet leaf, and the liquor of each tea. An expert leads each panel of judges, contributing their expertise to identify the best in each category.

A Testimony of Dedication

Raj Barooah, director at Aideobarie Tea Estate, expressed his immense pride and gratitude for the honor bestowed upon Rujani Tea. He acknowledged the dedication of their tea master and the entire team back in Assam. “Tippy Reserve is our pride and joy, and receiving ‘The Leafies’ means the world to us. It’s a testament to the dedication of our tea master and his team back home in Assam,” he stated.

This recognition not only acknowledges the excellence of Rujani Tea but also serves as an inspiration to continue crafting and delivering exceptional teas. Barooah extended his gratitude to the International Tea Academy and all those who contributed to this remarkable journey.

A Rising Star from Bihar

In addition to the celebrated winners, another compelling narrative emerged from the highly commended category: Doke Tea from Bihar, a non-traditional tea growing region. Founder of Doke Tea, Rajiv Lochan, shared the significance of this recognition. He stated, “On October 26, we got this recognition after 25 years of growing tea in Bihar since 1998 when it was declared a non-traditional tea-growing area by the Tea Board of India.”

A Legacy of Excellence

The triumph of Rujani Tea and the recognition of teas from India at The Leafies 2023 are testaments to the enduring legacy of tea craftsmanship in the country. These awards not only celebrate the flavors and aromas but also honor the dedication and passion of those who strive to make India’s teas a global sensation. As the world raises a teacup to toast these achievements, it’s evident that the magic of tea knows no bounds, transcending continents and cultures to unite tea lovers worldwide.

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